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Syllabus Template

The CTLE provides a Syllabus Template containing all required items from MCCCD’s Administrative Regulation 3.6 Distribution of Course Syllabus. We also provide Optional Elements, which contains suggested wording that is not required but is frequently used. For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, we are providing GCC COVID-19 Syllabus Statements as well.  These documents are available as Google Docs or in Microsoft Word format.

AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: *Please note that in August 2020, many components of the syllabus template were removed and placed on the GCC Common Syllabus Elements page. A note was added to the syllabus template to point students to this shared webpage that will be maintained at a college-level.

Google Docs Version

Microsoft Word Version

If you wish, use our Syllabus Checklist to double-check that your completed syllabus contains all MCCCD requirements.

Update Log

See the running list of changes made to the Syllabus Template and Optional Elements by viewing our Update Log.

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Submit suggestions for modifying GCC’s Syllabus Template.