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Program Assessment

Program evaluation at GCC includes both review and assessment.

Program Review

An objective, expert-based examination and evaluation of how effectively a program is working. The results inform the department of student retention, student persistence, program sustainability, and if there are relevant issues that can impact the program and student learning.

Program Assessment

An assessment designed to determine the extent to which students can demonstrate they have acquired the skills, knowledge, and competencies associated with their program of study. The results from program assessment provide information that can be used to determine whether or not intended outcomes are being achieved and how the program can be improved.

Program Review and Assessment

Program Review and Assessment functions on a three-year cycle of Career & Technical Education, Student Affairs/Administrative Services, and Academic & Degree Programs.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

A robust review process for CTE programs has been in place for over a decade. Program directors submit their reports for review by the Dean of Instruction who oversees CTE. The dean and program director meet to discuss the results and plan future goals. In the next cycle of review, programs will formalize the assessment process. After review of program competencies, at least one program learning outcome (PLO) will be identified and selected. Program directors will develop an appropriate assessment instrument to measure the PLO and will report the assessment method and results, along with what data-informed changes were made to the program.

Student Affairs/Administrative Services

Although Student Affairs and Administrative Services engaged in the past in strategic planning processes, they were not previously a part of the program review process. In AY17-18 Student Services began piloting a program review process. Administrative Services will join the program review process in the next cycle, which will occur in AY20-21. As co-curricular assessment at GCC is expanded, the goal is to add the assessment of student learning to the student and administrative services programs as appropriate.

Academic & Degree Programs

The decision was made by CART to add the academic and degree programs to the review and assessment process. We define an academic program as all active Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and the Certificate of Completion (CCL) programs, and university transfer degrees within a targeted discipline (Fine Arts [Art, Dance, Theater], Elementary Education, Business [General Requirements and Special Requirements]). View our list of AAS, CCL, and university transfer degrees. Continuing their history of review and assessment, Developmental Education and the Honors Program will be formally included in this part of the program review and assessment process. In addition, the following academic support programs will review and assess: Career Services, Center for Learning, Dual Enrollment, Math Solutions, and Writing Center. The Deans of Instruction associated with the academic areas will oversee the review and assessment of these degrees. The general education degrees (AGEC, AA, AGS) will be assessed at the program level using completion and transfer data. Reports from the following programs are publicly available for review: AA in Elementary EducationCenter for LearningDual EnrollmentHonors Program.